PilotEdit Lite : Free Text Editor that Can Handle Large Files

For many years, Windows users were satisfied with the basic text editor called Windows Notepad. But the advanced users soon grew out of Notepad and started using advanced editors like Notepad++. If you are looking for an alternative to Notepad++ then PilotEdit Lite would make a good candidate.

PilotEdit Lite is the free version of PilotEdit and is a feature-reduced version. But even in the PilotEdit Lite you will find all the necessary features to make it a full and complete text editor for all of your needs. When you launch it the very first time, it starts using a very dated user interface theme and looks like Windows XP. But you can quickly change the theme to a modern one by selecting Configure → Theme and then selecting a theme from the menubar.

One of the most interesting features of PilotEdit is its ability to handle very large files. The free version of PilotEdit can open and edit files of 10GB size without any problem. But the paid version of PilotEdit can handle files has large as 400GB. But before you open these large files, make sure your system has more than 4GB of RAM.


PilotEdit can also compare two directories for the difference in files. This function can be used to compare a large number of files quickly in a few seconds. It is very useful when you are editing something in your backup files. You cannot compare individual files in the free version, but the paid version allows comparison of huge 400GB files and merging them.

PilotEdit Lite is free text editor and is great for the developers who want to edit their source code files such as files for the programming languages ​​such as HTML, PHP, C++, JavaScript or Java. If you want to edit binary files, it also works as a hex editor. Just like Notepad++, it is a sytnax highlighting and can auto-complete certain keywords and brackets. If you are a web developer and want to upload your HTML files to an FTP server, then you can upload them directly from the PilotEdit interface. You can also access files located on your FTP account in PilotEdit.

You can download PilotEdit from http://www.pilotedit.com/index.html.