MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe : Manage Running Processes in Windows

Windows users know how to check which programs are running on their system by using the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Esc which launches the Windows Task Manager. But the in-built task manager is not as comprehensive or detailed as some of the third party process managers or task managers. Third party alternatives such as Sysinternals’ Process Explorer, open-source Process Hacker and MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe are top on the list. In fact some of these, such as MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe can even totally replace the Windows Task Manager by changing some registry entries.

MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe is a feature loaded replacement for the Windows task manager that has been a part of Windows operating system for many years. It comes in both an installable and a portable version. You can run it from a portable USB drive, or install it on your hard drive.

MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe

Upon launching, it displays details about your system state such as battery status, CPU usage, memory usage, top CPU loading processes and top memory using processes etc. In the list, you can see all the running processes along with various details such as process ID, CPU load, architecture type, name etc. You can right-click on these processes and see many options for them such as terminate, monitor, search VirusTotal etc.

MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe

Other than the running processes, it can also display information about the services installed in your Windows PC, sessions, autorun programs, network status, performance, disk I/O and system (all of these are identical to the built-in Windows Task Manager). You can replace the Windows Task Manager with MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe by pulling the menu and selecting Replace Task Manager.

MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe

MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe definitely offers many more features than the Microsoft’s Task Manager and can be a really good replacement for it. Features like looking up a process over VirusTotal are really useful when you see some suspicious programs running in your PC.

You can download MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe from