FileLocator Lite : Search Files on Local and Network Drives

Has it ever happened to you that you downloaded an important file and now you cannot seem to find where it is. You can ask your seniors to send the file again, but it will portray you as a careless employee. Before anything else, you can try searching your hard drive and other storage devices. A free program called FileLocator Lite can help you search through all of your local and networked storage devices quickly.

FileLocator Lite is a free feature-limited version of FileLocator Pro but offers the same intuitively designed user interface. In fact, the user interface looks similar to the one that Windows 7 users have been using for years. In the FileLocator window, you have to select a target drive, give the search criteria such as file name, contents of the file (in case of text files), file size limits and file dates limits and then click on the Search button. It will populate the search results in a few milliseconds.

FileLocator Lite

Apart from the simple search criteria, it also supports some advanced features such as regex search and boolean search through which you can get much more accurate search results. In the boolean search you can combine two or more search criteria together, for example, you can choose to search for *.mp3;NOT:AOA* will search for all the mp3 files that don’t have AOA in their file name. And if you want to save the search results for later, you can export them to HTML, CSV, TXT or XML files in addition to sending them to your printer.

FileLocator Lite

FileLocator Lite is an easy to use file searching tool that helps you find files on your local storage drives as well as on any connected network drives. Since some cloud storage accounts can be accesses as network drives, it can search files on them too.

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