Monitor Status of Storage Drives in Windows with O&O DriveLED

Notebook computers are usually designed with components that do not generate much heat. For example, laptops use special processors with lower TDP (thermal design power) so that they do not require too much power and in turn do not generate much heat. But the desktop computers have no such limitation and can become very hot specially during the summers and if you are working in a non-ventilated area, it can really make the insides of your computer cabinet very hot. Unless you can take measures to cool down the computer in time, it may damage some of key components of your PC such as the power supply, hard drive and even the motherboard itself.

You can use O&O DriveLED to always be in the know of the status of your hard drive. After the installation it displays a floating dashboard window on your desktop which shows information such as hard drive temperature, hard drive health and some of the shortcuts to frequently accessed things like networking places.

O&O DriveLED

If you click on the hard drive icon in the dashboard, you will be able to see even more detailed information about your hard drives – model, firmware, serial number, type (SATA, PATA or IDE etc), used space, temperature, total storage space and the number of hours it has been used for.

O&O DriveLED

You can right-click on the O&O DriveLED  window and from the menu that appears, you can choose new skins, change the temperature units (Fahrenheit or Celsius), monitor network drives in addition to the local storage drives, display keyboard LED, and show the balloon tips near the notification area (which are very annoying).

O&O DriveLED

Conclusion: Through the O&O DriveLED dashboard, you can keep an eye on your precious storage drives so that when they become too hot, you can take appropriate measures to cool down your PC. This simple step can save your hard drives, increase their lifespan and protect your data.

You can download O&O DriveLED from