O&O App Buster : Remove Unwanted Applications from Windows 10

After you install Windows 10 afresh, you will notice that there are so many apps are installed and many of them stay unused. For example, Windows 10 installed a number of “Get” apps – Get Office, Get Skype etc. These apps keep bothering you periodically and nagging you to download these Microsoft software. These apps are not only taking up some storage space on your storage devices, but they also keep running in the background which may slow down your computer’s performance.

If you do not really use these apps, then there is no reason for you to keep them on your Windows computer specially if you have a limited storage solid state drive. For removing these unwanted apps, you can use a free tool called O&O App Buster.

When launched O&O App Buster displays a big list of all the Modern apps installed in your Windows 10 PC. These apps are categorized as normal, hidden, store, system and framework. Normal apps are installed by user or Windows and can be removed easily. Hidden apps are hidden from the user for one or other reason. Store apps are the ones that you have downloaded and installed from Microsoft App Store. System apps are necessary for Windows operating system and cannot be removed.  Finally the Framework apps are necessary for running all the other apps and cannot be removed.

O&O App Buster

You can select the apps that you want to remove and click on the Remove button to get rid of them. However if you select unremovable apps, then the “Remove” button will not be enabled. If you have already removed an app, then you can select it and choose to Install it once again which would make it available for your use once again.

Conclusion: Using O&O App Buster you can get rid of the unwanted apps from a fresh installation of Windows 10 operating system. Not only you will free up the valuable hard drive space, but also will reduce the load on CPU as some of these unwanted apps keep running in the background.

You can download O&O App Buster from https://www.oo-software.com/en/ooappbuster.