Update Old Drivers in Windows Automatically with DRIVERfighter

If you Windows computer is getting hiccups once in a while then perhaps outdated and obsolete drivers could be dragging your PC and impacting its performance negatively.  This is why experts agree that you should keep your device driver software always up-to-date. Using the latest available version of driver software has two benefits – you get to use the latest features added to the drive software and you are protected from any bugs or vulnerabilities that exist in the older version of the drivers.

If you do not want to waste time manually looking for the drivers on dozens of websites, then you can simply use a driver update software like DRIVERfighter that can scan your PC for the available hardware, for the installed driver software versions and then can automatically download the latest version of the drivers for them. If you do not want to automatically install the drivers, then you can go through the intuitively designed interface of DRIVERfighter to select which drivers you want to download and install on your PC.


DRIVERfighter can detect all kinds of drivers including the graphics drivers, audio drivers, networking drivers, motherboard drivers, as well as other drivers such as integrated components, chipsets, Bluetooth, SD card adapter, USB, Ethernet, FireWire, RAID and other plug ‘n’ play devices.

It has a very large database of over 85,000 devices manufactured by over 10,000 different device manufacturers both old and new. There is almost no chance of it missing your hardware drivers or it not being able to detect a matching driver for your software.

But DRIVERfighter is not free-to-use software. In the free version, it will detect all the outdated drivers, will also show the new versions available, but it won’t automatically update the drivers. The automatic update feature is available only in the paid pro version.

You can download DRIVERfighter from https://www.spamfighter.com/DRIVERfighter/.