How to Turn Monitor Off at the Click of a Mouse Button

One of the problems with laptop screens is that there is no switch to turn the screen off whenever you want it. You would easily find these buttons to turn off the screens in the big monitors that come with desktop computers. And if you have worked with desktop computers all your life, then you might feel uncomfortable not being able to turn off the monitor whenever you want to feel like it. So what are you supposed to do when using the laptop or notebook computer?

A developer named Eric Kucther provides an easy solution through a nifty little tool called Monitor Off. This small program can turn off your screen whenever desired. It is similar to our own command line tool that you can read about this tool from – Create hotkey to turn on or off monitor in Windows.

Monitor Off

While our own tool is command line and can be easily used to assign hotkeys of your choice, the tool developed by Eric Kucther is a GUI based tool that resides in the Windows notification area. As soon as you launch it, it places an icon in the Windows system tray. You can right-click on this icon to select Exit to close it from running in the background.

There is a hard-coded hotkey Ctrl+Shift+F4 using which you can turn off the monitor whenever you need to. And if you are not crazy about using hotkeys, then you can just use the middle mouse button on the Monitor Off icon in the notification area which will quickly turn off the monitor.

Monitor Off is only 12 kilobytes in size and has negligible impact even on the oldest of the computers running Windows. It can be a replacement for monitor turn off button for older desktop monitors where the buttons are no longer working or for the newer laptops where there is no screen turn off button.

You can download Monitor Off tool from