Ashampoo ActionCam : Improve Video from Action and Drone Cameras

There are all types of cameras available for purchase these days – point and shoot camera, DSLR camera and action camera. The last type of these – action cameras have particularly become very popular with the younger generations. Now you can see many people holding these action cameras like Sony GoPro 6 as they record their stunts or dance moves. Some bikers also keep Sony GoPro mounted  on their helmet while they ride their motorbikes all around the city.

If you are not using a camera gimbal with stabilizer to hold your action camera then chances are that your videos will be shaky or distorted. This is when you have to use a really capable video editor like Ashampoo ActionCam to remove the shaking and rocking movements from all of your video frames.

Ashampoo ActionCam is a really smart video editing tool that can be used for optimization of the videos recorded through action sports camera and drone cameras. Just like an electric iron smoothens out all the wrinkles from your clothes, ActionCam can smoothen the videos to rid all the shaking and other distortions.

Ashampoo ActionCam

Other than the stabilization capabilities of ActionCam, it is also able to adjust and enhance the contrast, saturation, color and the white balance. All these things can be improved instantly just by adjusting the slider bars for your video. You can add texts and other special effects in the videos to get them ready for online video sharing sites like Youtube.

Ashampoo ActionCam offers batch processing. This means that you can apply the same adjustments, same stabilizations, add the same text and apply the same special effects to a number of videos instantly at the click of a button. The videos are processed very fast because of the special algorithm that ActionCam uses.

You can download Ashampoo ActionCam from