EarthView : Use Dynamic Map of the World as Desktop Background

If you are tired of using boring wallpapers for your Windows computer, then you can go for the dynamic wallpapers like EarthView. It uses a topological map of the world as your wallpaper but the wallpaper is dynamic in the sense the map is always centered at the pre-specified coordinates, displays the sunlight as it falls on our planet and more.

EarthView can be a good relief from the boredom of all those dull wallpapers that come with Windows 10. With the help of a few settings in EarthView, you can personalize it, make it display the day view of the planet or the night view if you like it, you can also choose to show the clouds hovering all over the world, you can change the projection and the viewpoint as well.


EarthView is not just a wallpaper, but it can also be used as a screensaver which basically displays the globe with city lights, dark and bright parts of the world, stars in the background and more. You can start this screensaver by right-clicking on the notification area icon of EarthView and choosing Screen Saver from the menu that appears.


In the settings of EarthView, you can choose the time frequency after which the desktop wallpaper is updated. You can select the map type (default is seasonal map), change the zoom level, set the viewpoint to any coordinates you want, set the projection type from map or globe, you can change the viewpoint to selected map area, to Sun or to random camera locations. There are options to enable day view, night view, clouds, cities, background and smoothing.


EarthView comes with only one map Seasonal Map, but you can find many additional maps with better spatial resolution for download from the EarthView website.

You can download EarthView from