Block Programs from Running in Windows with d7xTech Program Blocker

There are many reasons why someone would want to block a program from running in their Windows computer. It could be that you do not want your kids to play a game on the PC during until their school examinations are over. Or perhaps you do not want a pesky computer program to keep running in the background all the time. No matter what the reason is, d7xTech Program Blocker can be used to block any of the Windows programs from running. It can also be used to block a program from accessing the internet.

The program is completely portable and offers an easy-to-use interface. In the program window, the first thing you have decide is whether you want to block a program from running or block it from accessing the internet. In the case of blocking it from running, you have to click on the Browse button to select a program file (EXE) and then click on the Block Program button to block it. You cannot manually type in the full path name of the executable file, you have to use the Browse button to select it. The blocked programs are added to the list in the Program Blocker window.

d7xTech Program Blocker

Now when you try to launch these blocked programs, Windows will show an error that it is not able to find that program file. You can choose to suppress these error messages by selecting the option “Prevent File Not Found Errors”. This option is useful if you want to silently block a program from running.

d7xTech Program Blocker

If you have blocked a program from accessing the internet, Program Blocker adds an entry to the Windows Firewall rules. This method won’t work if Windows Firewall is disabled and you are using a third party firewall software. In the Program Blocker, you can remove the blocked programs from the list to re-enable them and run them.

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