Firefox Send : Mozilla’s Free Encrypted File Sharing Service

Mozilla has introduced a new robust file sharing service called Firefox Send which is available to everyone all over the world. Unlike some other services, you can use Firefox Send without really needing any Mozilla account. The service is offered through an easy-to-use web interface and supports end-to-end encryption in any modern web browser. Furthermore, you can password protect the download links. The files are encrypted in the web browser using JavaScript before they are uploaded to Firefox Send servers.

Share files as large as 2.5 GB
If you want to share files without signing in to your Mozilla account, then you can just visit in any modern web browser and start dropping your files on the opened webpage. But without a Mozilla account, you can share files as large as 1 GB only. If you are signed in to your Mozilla account, you are allowed to share files as large as 2.5 GB.

Firefox Send

Share multiple files through one download link
You can upload multiple files through Firefox Send. You can either drag-n-drop all of these files on the Firefox Send user interface or you can click on the Select files to upload button to add more than one files to the upload list. When you click on the Upload button after selecting multiple files, they are all uploading and archived into one large ZIP file which is made available for download through just one link.

Firefox Send

Password protection and expiry of download links
Before uploading a file, you can set a password for the uploaded files. This password is optional and there are no restrictions on choosing the password. For the shared download link, you can choose for how many days the link should be available. Similarly, you can choose the number of downloads after which the link is expired. Unfortunately, Firefox Send does not allow unlimited number of downloads and unlimited time for the shared files. Maximum number of downloads for each shared link is limited to 100 and maximum duration a link stays alive is 7 days.

Firefox Send

Strong AES encryption of shared files
Firefox Send uses JavaScript to encrypt the files before they are uploaded to Firefox Send servers. It uses AES-GCM 128 bit cipher to encrypt the files right inside your web browser. You can add a password for encryption but is not really needed. When someone downloads these files through a shared link, the encrypted files are downloaded and decrypted in the browser.

Firefox Send provides a really fast, robust and safe file sharing service for everyone. You can share very large files of the order of multiple gigabytes easily without having to install any software. Files are encrypted right inside your web browser and therefore you can use it to share confidential files without thinking twice.