CleverPDF : Convert, Create and Manipulate PDF Files Online

If you want to create or convert PDF files for any reason, you do not have to download a software and install it on your computer. Now you can do everything online through CleverPDF web app. It is a really feature rich web app that allows you to create, convert, and manipulate PDF documents in all different manners.

Using CleverPDF, you can convert PDF documents to other formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB eBook files and images, etc. And you can also convert other types of documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB eBook files, keynotes and images into PDF files. It can also save the OpenOffice ODT documents as PDF files.

Among the PDF manipulation operations, it offers extraction of pages from PDF documents, extraction of numeric data from PDF, extraction of images, reordering of pages inside a PDF file, deletion of pages, combining of multiple PDF files into single PDF, adding a watermark on PDF file pages, splitting of a single PDF into multiple PDF files, rotating the pages of the PDF documents, compressing PDF documents to reduce the file size.


If you have an encrypted PDF document and you are tired of entering the password every time you open it to read through the PDF document, then you can remove the password and save the PDF document without any encryption. This way you won’t have to bother with entering the password for this saved document.

Similarly, CleverPDF also allows you to encrypt a PDF document so that you can protect it from the eyes of unwanted people. You have to upload your PDF file, enter a password and the various restrictions and it will do the rest. The encrypted document can be downloaded to your computer after the process is finished.

CleverPDF offers 25+ tools for working with PDF documents and they are continuously adding newer features. Additionally, they also offer offline versions of CleverPDF for both Windows and Mac OS.

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