RedCrab : Advanced Scientific Calculator for Windows

For the students, their teachers and science or mathematics enthusiasts, it is essential to have a capable calculator that is able to carry out all the scientific, mathematical or statistical calculations easily. For this you can buy an expensive calculator from Amazon, that you can carry around with you all the time. But if you are a student who has to carry their laptop everywhere in the school or university campus, then you will benefit greatly from RedCrab, an advanced scientific calculator for Windows.

RedCrab is free for personal use but does offer some extra functionality and features in the paid Plus version. At the moment, they offer the older version RedCrab 4.13 absolutely free for everyone. But the newer version, RedCrab 7.1.0 is being offered in the trial version with limited set of features. You can get all the advanced features by paying USD 65.00 for multiple computers. A low cost license is also available that costs only USD 14.90 but is valid only for a year.

RedCrab Calculator

RedCrab supports all the mathematical functions, statistical functions and can plot all kinds of charts (line charts, pie charts, and column charts (also called bar charts). It supports some very advanced features like Bessel functions, Logarithmic, Arrays, Matrices and more. For the beginners, the calculator comes with many example files that are in the “.XRCC” file format. You can find these files in the “demos” sub-folder.

If you find it difficult to enter all the mathematical symbols or equations, then RedCrab offers visual keyboard, numpad and symbol pad for you. Using these visual input tools, you can quickly inserts symbols into RedCrab just by using your mouse or touchpad.

RedCrab now only allows the calculation of various functions and equations, but you can also print the results. Unfortunately, there is no way of exporting the beautiful charts to image files or copy them to the clipboard which would have been great for website developers or people who want to embed them in Word documents.

You can download RedCrab from