Desktop Info : View System Information on Windows Desktop

Desktop Info makes it very convenient to view and monitor system information in Windows. It overlays system information on the desktop background so that you can easily see everything related to your computer whenever you want to. This information is continuously updated and displays the fresh values of CPU frequency, RAM usage or system temperature etc.

Desktop Info is a portable program and can be run without installing anything. It starts out with a transparent window that is displayed near the top-right corner of your computer screen. If you use Win+D hotkey or click on the small “Show Desktop” shortcut located to the extreme right of the taskbar, this transparent Desktop Info window will also be minimized and all the system information will disappear. This is why instead of minimizing all the windows to see the desktop, you should minimize all the windows manually and you will see Desktop Info properly.

Desktop Info

Desktop Info displays dynamically updated information such as date, time, CPU load, CPU temperature, memory usage, page faults, physical RAM, network interface, WiFi traffic, and various storage devices attached to the computer.

You can right-click on the information overlay and it will display a menu from where you can switch between the main page or Windows/Hardware information page. You can also force fresh the information and open the configuration file for Desktop Info.

Desktop Info

In the configuration file that opens up in Windows Notepad, you can manually edit and modify various settings, include new information to be displayed or change the style in which it is displayed. For example, you can remove the CPU temp information which does not really seem to work, and add battery charge status for your laptop instead. It comes with a PDF document that explains how you can modify the configuration file.

You can download Desktop Info from