Fix Annoying Sound Problems in Firefox with SoundFixer

When I was watching a live news broadcast on a video streaming website this week, I noticed that sound was coming only from the left speaker of the headphones. There was no problem with the video streaming, the live news conference was perhaps setup like this on purpose. But hearing only from the left ear is very annoying for me. So what is the solution? Had it been VLC Media Player, you can change the audio channel to mono to fix this kind of problem. But in Firefox web browser you don’t really have any such audio channel controls.

This is where the add-on SoundFixer comes in, it is able to fix the common sound problems such as unbalanced stereo sound or sound coming from only in one ear (left or right) and the problem of sound being too loud or too low.

SoundFixer for Android

After installing the SoundFixer add-on in Mozilla Firefox web browser, you can visit a video streaming website and then click on the SoundFixer icon in the toolbar. By controlling the gain of the sound, you can make the volume louder or quieter. By controlling the pan of the sound, you can manage the balance of sound between the stereo speakers which is very useful if stereo sound is not in balance or only one of the audio channels are giving the sound output.

There is a limitation to the SoundFixer though. It does not work on all the sites. If a website is playing the media that is not located on the local server (local for the web server), then it just won’t work and will actualy mute everything. Unfortunately, many of the video streaming sites use special CDN (content distribution network) servers to deliver the media and therefore this add-on might not work on all of them.

You can install SoundFixer add-on in Firefox from