DoubleKiller : Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Windows

DoubleKiller is a portable tool to quickly find and remove duplicate files from any of the folders on your Windows PC. It is able to detect the duplicate files using many different methods – by matching filenames, by matching file sizes, by matching the file dates and by matching the CRC32 checksums of the files. Of all these methods, the one that uses CRC32 file hashes to find identical files is more accurate.

DoubleKiller uses a tab based user interface. The very first time you launch DoubleKiller, you have to switch to the Options tab. In this tab, you can add the folders that you want to scan for the duplicate files. You can add as many folders as you want and even enable the recursive search of the sub-folders.


You can also choose search criteria from the Options tab – choose which methods to use for finding identical files, use filename masks to limit the scanning to the files that match those masks, use filename masks to exclude some type of files etc. You can also exclude the files based on their file size or the attributes.

After choosing the options, you can switch back to the DoubleKiller tab and click on the Run button. It is very fast and gives you results within seconds. You can make the search even faster by de-selecting the CRC32 checksum method of finding the identical files. Duplicate files are shown by groups and you can choose the files you want to remove before clicking on the Delete checked files button.


If you do not understand something, then DoubleKiller offers detailed help from under the Help tab. The help is very comprehensive and offers everything you need to fully grasp how DoubleKiller works and all the features it offers.

You can download DoubleKiller from


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