How to Change Music Streaming Quality in Spotify

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service worldwide. It offers free music streaming on all the common platforms like Android, iOS, Windows or Mac OS. But in the free account, you are forced to listen to tons of advertisements like you usually do in any radio station. The paid account, called Spotify Premium, costs only USD10 and does not bother the users with any advertisements. Moreover in Spotify Premium, you can listen to the music in highest possible streaming quality. In addition to the music streaming, you can also listen to the podcasts and the playlists created by some other users.

Here is how you can change the Spotify music streaming quality in Android or iOS:

  1. Launch Spotify app in your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the cogwheel icon near the top-right corner.Spotify Music Quality
  3. On the settings screen, find the Music quality section.
  4. You can change the music streaming quality from automatic, low, normal, high or very high.

While you can choose a range of music quality levels in the Spotify mobile app, this is a little different in Spotify application for Windows where you can choose only low or high quality. Here is how:

  1. Launch Spotify for Windows, click on your username and select on Settings from the drop-down menu.Spotify Music Quality
  2. In the settings, scroll down until you find the Music Quality section.
  3. Enable the setting High quality streaming to switch to higher music quality.Spotify Music Quality

Obviously if you switch to high quality streaming, it will consume much more of your internet bandwidth. This setting is available only in the paid Spotify account. Free Spotify account users can stream only in the low quality. But if you are not using any good quality headphones (like the ones from Beats by Dre or Grado), perhaps you won’t notice the difference between the music streaming quality.