Evorim Advanced Backup Pro : Clone Drives, Backup Files and Sync Folders

Evorim Advanced Backup Pro is a very complete backup software that allows you to backup your important files, clone partitions or hard drives, and syncing of the contents of any two folders. In addition to manually running the backup tasks, you can also schedule them for a convenient time. Considering the number of features included in Evorim Advanced Backup, it is a surprise that the whole software comes in a package of less than 4 MB.

The user interface of Evorim Advanced Backup Pro allows the user to quickly find all the functions as they are grouped together by their use – creation of backup, restoring backup, cloning, syncing of files and more. You can create backup of entire hard drives, entire partitions or selected files or folders.

Evorim Advanced Backup Pro

It offers features using which you can clone a partition or an entire hard drive. Cloning is useful if you are installing a new hard drive or replacing your old hard drive with a brand new solid state drive. This save lots of time and headache as you can simply clone your Windows installation partition to a new hard drive instead of freshly installing Windows, device drivers and other software followed by personalizing and changing settings.

Evorim Advanced Backup Pro

When it comes to restoring the system files from a backup, it cannot be done from inside Windows. For this, Evorim Advanced Backup provides many different ways to boot into the recovery environment. You can select booting into recovery environment from within Evorim Advanced Backup, create a bootable CD or DVD, create a bootable USB drive or pendrive, or create a bootable ISO image that can be used to prepare bootable optical media.

Evorim Advanced Backup Pro

Evorim Advanced Backup is free for home and personal use. But if you want to use at your workplace or for commercial reasons then you have to buy a license key. It is a feature loaded backup software that is designed for both the beginners and the advanced users.

You can download Evorim Advanced Backup Pro from https://www.evorim.com/en/advancedbackup.