Firefox Lockbox : Access Passwords Saved in Firefox from Anywhere

Mozilla is known to always keep security and privacy ahead of everything. This is why Mozilla’s Firefox is considered to be the most secure web browser in the world. When using Firefox for everyday browsing, you can store your passwords in the browser itself. And if you sign-in using your Mozilla account (which is free for everyone), you can sync the saved passwords with other devices on which Firefox is installed.

Now you can access your Firefox passwords on iOS and Android using Firefox Lockbox – a convenient but very secure way of accessing your credentials already saved in your Mozilla account. This app was available for iOS for a long time and now it is also available for Android too.

Firefox Lockbox for Android

The advantage of Firefox Lockbox is that it displays passwords already stored in the Firefox browser regardless of what device you use. Therefore if you are signed-in in to your Mozilla account and saved a new password, it will automatically be synced to your account and displayed in Firefox Lockbox. After logging in to it in the Lockbox application, you can synchronize your passwords and quickly get access to them on your smartphone.

Firefox Lockbox for Android

If you are thinking that this was already available in the Firefox browser for Android and you can sync the passwords saved in the Firefox browser across many devices, then you will find Firefox Lockbox to be more flexible. Using Firefox Lockbox, you can automatically sign-in to any of the Android apps like Netflix, Yelp, Facebook or Twitter.

As expected from Mozilla, they have added all the security measures to keep your passwords safer. Lockbox is is protected against screen capture, you can lock it using your fingerprint or face ID. And all the syncing is done using end-to-end 256-bit encryption.

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