FinalCrypt : Cross-Platform Free File Encryption Utility

FinalCrypt is an Oracle Java based file encryption utility for all the popular platforms like Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It uses good old fashioned one-time pad file encryption that was first described by the famous American cryptographer Frank Miller in 1882. Even more than a hundred years later, this method is impossible to crack even by the supercomputers. In the one-time pad encryption, source message is paired with a one-time pad key to create the encrypted message – as long as the one-time pad key is kept secret, nobody can break the encryption.

This type of encryption becomes very weak if you use a short one-time pad key because in that case the pad file will be repeated for encryption and cryptographers can analyze the encrypted message to slowly find the decrypted message. FinalCrypt can generate very very large one-time pad key files (multiple terabytes) which makes files encrypted by FinalCrypt completely impossible to be decrypted without the original one-pad key file.

Applications developed using Java usually require you to install JRE (Java Runtimes Environment) on your computer before they can be run, but FinalCrypt comes with portable JRE so that you can run it without installing JRE on your system. There are portable and installable versions available for all the platforms.


The user interface of FinalCrypt guides you about what you should do next. For example, when you launch it the first time, it shows the message “Select Key” which means that you have to generate a new one-time pad key file somewhere on your hard drive or preferably on a USB pendrive. It can be created by clicking on the Create Key button.

Once a key file has been created and selected in the right-side of the FinalCrypt window, you can select the files to be encrypted from the left side of the FinalCrypt window. You can optionally also enter a password but with a huge one-time pad key file it is not really necessary. Clicking on the Encrypt button will encrypt the selected files.

Encrypted files are renamed with a BIT file extension. Decryption of files is done in the same manner. You have to first select the one-time pad key file, then select the encrypted files and then click on the Decrypt button. As long as you keep the key file well hidden and secure on a removable drive, nobody in the world will be able to decrypt your files.

You can download FinalCrypt from