Movavi Video Converter : Ultra Fast Video Conversion for Windows & Mac

If you want to upload videos to your blog or website that you have to think of two things first – is the video file small enough for the users with all kinds of internet bandwidth and whether the video format is supported in all the web browsers. If the video file is very large (multiple gigabytes) then even the people using very high speed internet will have to wait a few seconds before they can watch it – not to mention they will be using a great amount of internet data on just a single video.

Similarly, if you upload a video in a format that cannot be recognized by a typical web browser, then not many people will be able to watch it. Fortunately, you can easily convert your source videos into well recognized video formats using Movavi Video Converter. It is a powerful video conversion tool that can be used to change the video formats, add subtitles, join multiple videos and even edit the videos.

Movavi Video Converter

You begin by adding your source video files to Movavi Video Converter. You can also add other kinds of media files such as images and audio files or even a DVD. For each of the added video, you can change the video quality, add subtitles, change audio stream, and of course choose a target video format. If you want to merge these added videos together then you can also select the option to Merge files. Clicking on the Convert button will handle everything from conversion to adding subtitles and merging them together.

Movavi Video Converter

But this is not all, you can actually edit the videos using Movavi Video Converter. For this, you simply have to click on the Edit button next to a video in the list. This will launch a video editor from where you can add special effects, stabilize the video (remove video shaking), normalize the audio or remove the noise, crop the video, rotate the video frame, trim the video, add watermarks, add subtitles, make adjustments to the color, brightness, contract, etc. Editor shows how the video is going to look before and after the editing.

Movavi Video Converter has a very user-friendly interface and allows easy conversion of media files, merging of various media files together and eve offers a little bit of video editing. You can also directly publish edited videos over the internet such as on Youtube.

You can download Movavi Video Converter from