How to Remove Suggestions from Android Settings

If you have just bought a new Android smartphone then obviously you will have to go through the initial Android setup to start using your new phone. This initial setup includes adding or creating your Google account and configuring WiFi etc. But even after setting up your phone, the newer versions of Android display suggestions in the Settings app. These suggestions are about some new features that you might want to setup in your smartphone such as enabling do-not-disturb schedule, linking your on-body devices such as your smartwatch or Fitbit and more.

These suggestions are very useful for the beginners who have never used that version of Android before and help the users explore all the exciting new features so that they can make the most of their new devices. But after you have used an Android smartphone for many months, these suggestions become just irksome specially because they appear slowly after you launch the Android Settings app and push all the other options down your screen.

Here is how you can remove these nagging suggestions from the Android settings screen:

  1. Launch the Android settings app and wait for the suggestions to appear (they appear slowly).
  2. Tap on the vertical ellipses (three vertical dots) next to any of these suggestions that you want to remove and select the Remove option.Android Settings Suggestions
  3. Repeat these steps for all the suggestions to remove them all.

Just because you removed a suggestion does not meant it won’t appear again. I removed “On-body detection” suggestion but it reappeared a few days later. In addition, new type of suggestions may appear as you go on using your smartphone. For example, if your phone detects a compatible on-body device in the vicinity of the smartphone then it will display suggestions related to pairing with the newly discovered devices.