KLS Backup : Complete Backup and Syncing Software

Making backups of your files was once considered a optional job that you could do if you had extra time and some extra storage media. But in the recent times, there are so many threats that can completely overwrite your data, encrypt it or corrupt it. For example, ransomware infection can lead to data loss that cannot be recovered unless you have been making regular backups of your important files.

Some really smart backup programs like KLS Backup can make it easier for any Windows user to keep regular backups of their files. KLS Backup is a really powerful backup software available only for Windows users. It comes with both a GUI version and a command line tool for making it very convenient to backup the files. The command line tool can be used in batch scripts or through other programs very easily.

KLS Backup

With the help of KLS Backup, you can also synchronize data stored on the hard drive with other local media as well as cloud storage. It supports all the popular cloud storage services like Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, hubiC, Box.net, Backblaze B2, SME Storage, Rackspace, Oracle Cloud, Eucalyptus Walrus and more. In addition, KLS Backup also supports FTP and SFTP so that you can backup your files directly over the FTP servers.

KLS Backup

KLS Backup offers the option of saving backup copies in a compressed SQX, 7-ZIP and ZIP format – all of these formats are compatible with other backup software or you can use 7-Zip to access them directly. It supports full, differential and incremental backups. You can encrypt the backups using the powerful AES cipher so that nobody else can access your backups without supplying the correct password. It features Advanced version management which makes easy to quickly find any backup version from a number of different backups.

You can download KLS Backup from https://www.kls-soft.com/.