McAfee Safe Connect : Free VPN for Android, iOS and Windows

Privacy and security are the two reasons why everyone should use a VPN service. A good VPN service hides you behind a virtual server, masks your online identity by changing your external IP address and prevents some of the tracking servers from monitoring your online behavior. And if you are in the habit of using free WiFi access points available in public places like trains, buses, airports, schools etc., then a VPN service like McAfee Safe Connect becomes a must-to-have to avoid any man-in-the-middle attacks.

McAfee Safe Connect is a free VPN service for Windows, iOS and Android devices. For Windows users, it is available from the Microsoft Store, for Android users from the Google Play store and iPhone users can get it from the Apple App Store. The free version does not require any login but limits your data usage to only 250 MB per month. The paid Premium version allows you unlimited data usage and costs only $47.88 per year.

McAfee Safe Connect

For all the supported platforms, McAfee Safe Connect allows enabling or disabling the VPN service very easily. You just have to tap on the Start Protection or the Stop Protection button to enable or disable the VPN respectively. By default it connects to the optimal server that gives the best performance for your geographic location. But you can choose a custom VPN server from dozens of different locations in the world.

McAfee Safe Connect

On mobile devices, a notification bar always shows the status of McAfee Safe Connect and also gives you options to quickly enable or disable it. Similarly, on Windows it can be controlled from the notification area icon. For all the platforms, it provides very secure data encryption which protects all of your data and online activities stay completely encrypted.

You can get McAfee Safe Connect for Android from