NotepadX for Windows 10 : Simple Text Editor with Dropbox Support

If you want a very simple text editor in Windows, then you already have Windows Notepad at your finger tips. You can launch Notepad from its shortcut in the Start menu or by launching “notepad.exe” manually using the Run dialog. But if you want a little more than what is provided by Windows Notepad, then you can get NotepadX from Microsoft Store.

NotepadX is a modern app designed with the user interface matching that of Windows 10. It is available only for Windows 10 computers. Using this simple text editor, you can create new files, open existing files and edit some of the common text files. You can save finished texts locally in the app, upload them to OneDrive or send them by e-mail.


Just like Notepad++, it sports a tabbed user interface which allows you to open multiple text documents in the same window and switch back and forth between these documents very quickly. In the NotepadX window, it displays line numbers for all the lines in the text document. Near the top of the opened text document, it displays the number of rows, number of columns and number of characters for the current cursor position. The total number of bytes claimed by the opened or created file is also shown.

NotepadX text editor certainly has more features that the in-built Windows Notepad. Like the original, this text editor is also very simple in design and very easy to use in every day computing life. But compared to popular open-source text editors like Notepad++, it stands nowhere in the number of features or the ease-of-use. If you want a work-horse of a text editor other than Windows Notepad, then you may have to look elsewhere. But for a nice looking improved version of Windows Notepad, you can use NotepadX.

You can download Notepad X from