Olive Video Editor : Advanced Open-Source Video Editing Software

If you need to edit your videos for any reason – for school project, for Youtube or for professional work, you can depend on the free and open-source Olive Video Editor. It is an advanced non-linear video editor that comes loaded with tons of features. Since it is a non-linear video editor, it performs non-destructive video editing and your original video content is not modified. It does not have high system requirements and offers the familiar timeline based interface just like in Adobe Premiere.

You can start by importing videos from your camera in the Olive Video Editor. Other than a video file, you can also import images and audio files as well. All these files can be dragged and dropped on the time line near the bottom of the Olive Video Editor window. You can position them on different places on the timeline when they should appear in the final video. In addition, you can add various effects to the timeline such as the transition effects.

Olive Video Editor

When you are done with editing, you can export the final video to a large number of file formats. It displays different options to save the edited video depending on the file format you choose and the codec you decide to use. It makes use of the another open-source project called FFmpeg to do all the encoding which guarantees faster encoding and support for a wide range of file formats.

In our test, it was very quick to export the edited video and the resulting video has very high quality. With all these features and very user-friendly interface, it is surely a great alternative for expensive commercial software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cute Pro or Vegas Pro. Moreover, the developers promise to keep adding new features every now.

You can download Olive Video Editor from https://www.olivevideoeditor.org/.