Wallp : Official Smartphone Manufacturer Wallpapers for Android

Every year many smartphone manufacturers release different models of their smartphones and all of these new phones come loaded with many stunning wallpapers. For example, the new Apple iPhone X has some really breathtaking wallpapers. If you do not have these phone models and still want to use their stock wallpapers, then you can use the Wallp app for Android.

Wallp is a free app that makes it very easy for you to download and use the official stock wallpapers from many popular smartphones. As you launch the app, it displays the latest wallpapers available for your use. You can swipe up the screen to see more and more of these new wallpapers.

Wallp - Official Android Wallpapers

If you want to search the wallpapers based on the manufacturer or the phone model, then you can tap on the menu icon within the Wallp app. It will display all the available manufactures such as Samsung, Apple, OnePlus etc. You can view either all of the wallpapers from that manufacturer or you can select a particular model for which you want to see the wallpapers.

All the wallpapers are very high resolution and are going to look great on all the smartphones and tablets. If you want to use any of these wallpapers, then you have to select it and then tap on the “Save” option. Before using  a wallpaper you can choose to crop it or resize it so that it fits or shows up on your screen properly. You can also choose to download the wallpaper on your device for later use. All the wallpapers can be set for the home-screen as well as for the lock-screen.

Wallp - Official Android Wallpapers

Wallp is a great app that can make it very easy for you to try the brand new stock wallpapers for all the popular smartphones from many different manufacturers.

You can get Wallp app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stresscodes.wallp.