AniView : Portable GIF Image Viewer for Windows

AniView is a free GIF image viewer for Windows that makes it very easy for anyone to play the GIF animations. It is portable, lightweight and has all the features related to GIF animation files. It supports the viewing and playing of both the 87a and 89a versions of GIF images, which makes it a useful application to view the images from older archives that were created using very old applications.

For viewing the GIF animations using AniView, you can first launch AniView and then select File → Open from the menubar to select a GIF file stored somewhere on your hard drive. The animation will start playing automatically. You can pause the animation and then use the left and right buttons to step through the frames one at a time.


AniView also allows you to export the GIF animation frames. Since every frame in a GIF animation is an image itself, you can export these frames to image files of your choice. For this,you can select File → Export from the menubar. You can export the frames into a number of file types such as GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, JPEG etc. It also has option to edit the frames – choosing this option opens the currently displayed frame in Microsoft Paint (or any other default image editor for your system).

In the settings of AniView, you can choose to switch the image display to the fullscreen mode, allow the left-right keys to step through the frames in the GIF animation, automatically resize the window to display the GIF image and so on. You can also choose the export image file type from PNG, TIFF, BMP, JPEG etc.


Usually, people install one image viewer such as XnView or FastStone that can handle all types of images including GIF. But if you want specialized features such as exporting of the GIF animation frames then you can try AniView GIF image viewer for Windows.

You can download AniView GIF image viewer from

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  1. Great review! One suggestion though, if you use the ‘Edit’ option in AniView, it will simply open the default image editor for GIF images. In your case this appears to be paint, but on my machine that would be an actual GIF image editor (paint.NET).

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