Convert Image File Formats in Android with Batch Image Converter

When it comes to converting image file formats in Windows or Linux, there are hundreds of ways to do so. In Windows, you can use even Microsoft Paint to open an image file and save it in a different image format. But in Android things are not so easy as the stock image viewer does not really offer a way to convert the image file formats. If you ever have to save image files into a different format in Android, then you have to install an app called Batch Image Converter for this. This app is able to convert image file formats between WEBP, JPEG, PNG, GIF etc. It can even save the image files as PDF documents.

Batch Image Converter app is extremely simple to use. After launching it, you have to first add a number of files that the file formats of which you want to convert into some other image types. You can add as many images as you want. For adding the images, you can simply tap on the space holder for the images and select them from your phone.

Batch Image Converter for Android

The second step is to select the target image file type – you can select JPG, PNG, WEBP, GIF or PDF. As you select a target file type, different options appear on the for the conversion. For example, if you select JPG file format, then it will display a slider control to select the image quality, if you select PDF file format, then you are shown options to create single page PDF document or multiple page PDF document, and so on. Finally, tapping on the Convert button finished the file format conversion for the selected image file types.

Using the Batch Image Converter app for Android you can quickly convert popular image file formats of your images. Since Android saves screenshots in the PNG file format, you can use this app to convert them into more popular JPEG file format.

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