EVGA Precision X1 : Monitor and Overclock Graphics Cards

PC gamers who want to make the most of their gaming rig usually try overclocking their CPU and GPU chips. Overclocking tends to run the processors at a slightly higher frequency than what is mentioned on the boiler plate. Using this technique anyone can get more performance from the same hardware. But firstly not all processors can be overclocked and secondly you would need a special software that allows overclocking your processors in a safe manner.

In the old times, you had to change the settings in the BIOS to overclock your processors, but now in the days of UEFI we can overclock CPU or GPU from within Windows. If you have NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card then consider yourself very fortunate as you will be able to use a brilliant overclocking software called EVGA Precision X1.

Even though EVGA Precision X1 currently supports only the GeForce RTX graphics cards, it offers so many features in the package that you won’t look elsewhere after using this overclocking tool. With EVGA Precision X1, not only you can track the performance data in real-time, but you can also overclock the hardware to get more power – it is both a monitoring and overclocking tool.

EVGA Precision X1

Depending on the model of GPU you have installed, it will allow you to change the clock frequency of the memory, clock frequency of the graphics processor, voltage supply to the GPU core, power output of the GPU and its temperature threshold. You can control the fans, their speeds or make them work on auto-mode. You can change the color of the RGB LED if your GPU comes with one.

If you don’t know what setting to change, then it comes with a helper utility called OC Scanner. This tool can scan your GPU automatically for the best overclocking settings and  with a click of the mouse you can then apply them. You can modify the changes for overclocking and save different set of settings in different profiles – it allows a maximum of ten profiles. In addition to all the hardware features, it also lets you take screenshots in games with the touch of a button.

You can download EVGA Precision X1 from https://www.evga.com/precisionx1/.