Debut Video Capture : Record Video from Multiple Sources

Whether you are making a video for your students, for a presentation at your workplace, or for Youtube, you will need an efficient video recording software. Debut Video Capture is a free video recording software that can fulfill the needs of everyone as it is able to record video from multiple sources – it can record your screen, it can record the video feed from your webcam, it can record network camera, it can record from any standard AV device (such as a DVD player or digital camera) and more. This program can be used to convert your old video tapes into digital videos by using the video tape player as the input source.

Debut Video Capture is not free for commercial use but individual users can use it completely free of charge for personal use. The downloaded file is under 5 MB but it packs all the features that you usually find in other commercial recording software. You can save the captured recordings in many of the popular video formats, including AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4 and many more.

Debut Video Capture

No matter which source you choose (screen, network camera, webcam or AV device), you can control the picture quality before starting to record. You can change the brightness, color and gamma factor of the picture quality. Additionally, you can also use some video filters such as black & white, sepia, negative etc. There are also options to flip the video frame vertically and horizontally.

You can also find tools that allow you to add watermarks and texts of various font sizes. The webcam feed can be used as an inset video frame for the main video. And if you do not have time to sit in front of your computer to start or stop the recording, then you can even schedule the recording. This way everything is started automatically as defined by the scheduled recording task.

You can download Debut Video Capture from