Falkon : Open-Source Web Browser for Windows and Linux

If you ask anyone which web browser they are using, most probably you will get answers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. These mainstream web browsers dominate the world on all the operating systems. But if you want to experience something different, then you have some really nice options like Falkon web browser which is open-source and comes with many add-ons pre-installed.

Falkon is a lightweight web browser designed to use very few system resources. It uses a trimmed down version of Chromium core called QtWebEngine which makes it very fast even when browsing media rich websites. It comes with several add-ons pre-installed like GreaseMonkey, AutoScroll, MouseGestures, Tab Manager, Vertical Tabs etc.

Falkon Browser

Falkon uses DuckDuckGo as the default search engine, but it can be changed to any other search engine. Even without changing the default search engine, you can look for things on other search engine using their specific shortcuts. For example, if you enter “sp trishtech” in the address bar, it will look for “trishtech” on StartPage search engine. Similarly, “g trishtech” will use Google as the search engine.

Just like the browser extensions, Falkon comes with some themes built inside it. It has three themes – Chrome, macOS and native. These themes do not change anything much but the toolbar and icons. The Chrome theme makes it look like Chormium, macOS makes it look like Apple macOS and the native theme gives it the Windows’ native look.

Falkon Browser

Falkon web browser supports all the modern features but it may load some pages a little slower because of the way it renders them. For example, you may not experience as smooth experience of watching Youtube videos as you would using the Chrome browser. Nevertheless, Falkon uses a minimal of system resources and is a great alternative web browser for the Windows PC users.

You can download Falkon web browser from https://www.falkon.org/download/.