WindowManager : Save and Restore Position, Size and State of Different Windows

How many times have you launched an application in your Windows computer only to adjust its window size or move its window to another position? I find myself doing it all the time with Notepad – sometimes I have to make it small size and sometimes I maximize it, it all depends on what I want to do with it. If you also have to resize or reposition different windows for your everyday work on a regular basic then you might want to try WindowManager – a tool that can save and restore the position, size and the states of various windows belonging to different applications.

WindowManager is a small tool that will come handy if you want to launch an application window in the same size and position every time you launch it. In the WindowManager interface you can click on the List button to see a list of all the open windows in order to select one of them. You can also use the Pick tool to manually locate and select a window. When this application’s window is added to the list in WindowManager, you can then double-click on it to open its settings.


In the settings for an application’s window, you can choose to change the size, position on the screen and the window state (maximized, minimized etc). You can manually change these values or keep the current values of the application window. You can also supply the commands to be run when that application window is launched or closed.


WindowManager is a great tool for people who have to work on their computers with the same programs everyday. It can be used to manage windows and maintain their size and position to the same level. You can also save the settings in different profiles which allows you have different settings for the same applications.

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  1. Would this work to restore window positions and sizes when they change after playing a full screen game that’s in a lower resolution than the normal desktop? Also, how does it behave with Windows 10 virtual desktops?

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