FileFort Backup : Free Backup Software for Windows

Backing up your files is considered now a necessary task if you want to keep your important files safe from malware attack, files corruption, hard drive failure and more. There are many file backup programs available for Windows users, for example, FileFort Backup which is free for personal use.

FileFort Backup is very easy-to-use and yet manages to offer all the features that you would find in any other commercial backup software. It can perform full backup, incremental backup and historical backup. It can save backup as ZIP archive, as BKZ archive, as self-extracting EXE, or just mirror files normally. It can backup files on FTP server, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, USB stick, external hard drive, network folder, optical drives and more.

FileFort Backup

As you as launch FileFort Backup for the first time, it offers you to create a new backup job. The first step of creating a new backup job is to select the files or folders that you want to backup. You can select special folders such as “My Documents” or “My Music” or you can select specific files or folders from your hard drive.

FileFort Backup

In the second step, you have to choose the destination for the backup. In this step, you can choose cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon S3. You can also select FTP servers if you have access to them. You can choose hard drives, USB storage, CD/DVD drives, another folder on your hard drive or network location. The third step depends on the backup destination you choose in the second step, in which you have to specify more details about the destination such as Dropbox login details.

FileFort Backup

In the fourth step, you have to pick what kind of backup job you want – full backup, incremental backup, historical backup etc. You can also choose the type of files you want – ZIP files, BKZ files etc. And if you want to encrypt the backup, then you can enter the password for the encryption.

FileFort Backup

The backup job can be scheduled or you can turn it into a manually run job. After each backup job completion, it displays notifications in the system tray of Windows desktop. All in all, FileFort Backup is a perfect solution for individuals who want to keep regular backups of their important files.

You can download FileFort Backup from

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