How to Quickly Toggle All Extensions Off or On in Vivaldi Browser

While Chrome and Firefox are certainly maintaining their top positions in the web browser popularity list. Other web browsers are coming up with many breathtaking new options that makes them very attractive for the beginners as well as for the experienced users. Opera, for example, comes with a built-in VPN service that can be used on any website without any limitations. Another browser Vivaldi is not staying behind either – each new version of this web browser comes with one or more new features.

In the latest version of Vivladi, version  2.4, you can find a new feature that can make life easy if you have to turn off all the extensions before carrying out some task. For example, when you are doing online shopping, carrying out financial transactions or checking your online bank account, you should disable all the extensions first. Vivaldi makes it very easy to toggle extensions off or on in just a click.

Here is how you can quickly enable or disable all of the extensions in the Vivaldi web browser in just one click (first three steps are one-time only):

  1. Launch Vivaldi browser and press hotkey Alt+P to open browser settings.
  2. In the settings, select Address Bar section from the left side.Toggle Extensions in Vivaldi
  3. Find the options for Extensions and select the checkbox Extension Toggle.
  4. Now you will see a new icon (vertical ellipses) near the top-left corner of Vivaldi toolbar. You can click on this icon to quickly disable or enable all the installed extensions.Toggle Extensions in Vivaldi

This is not same as manually enabling or disabling an extension. This “Extension Toggle” feature will disable all the installed and enabled extensions. Clicking on this icon will just enable the extensions that were manually enabled by you. It won’t enable the extensions that have been manually disabled by you. In order to completely and selectively disable the extensions, you have to manually disable them by visiting the vivaldi://extensions page and changing the settings for the individual extensions.


  1. Hello Trisha,
    are you sure about your data here?
    As far as I know and can see (on Windows) this button just displays or hides the ICONS of any extensions you have activated. They remain enabled, hidden, or not…

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