Hex Color Finder : Tiny Tool to Find Hex Color Codes

A graphics designer, a programmer or a web developer has to work with the color codes of many different types. There are RGB color codes, there are CMYK color codes and then there are hex color codes (same as RGB codes, only in hexadecimal format). Hex color codes are more common for everyone as they are used generously in web designing. You learn about hex color codes the first time when you are learning about HTML web pages in your high school.

While it is easy to find a hex color code chart from the internet which basically displays a list of hex color codes for hundreds of common or popular colors. If you want to find the hex color code for a pixel in an image, then you can make use of a free tool named Hex Color Finder. It is a small but neatly designed color picker that comes with an eye dropper for picking the color of any visible object on your screen.

Hex Color Finder

It has a pin control using which you can pin it on the top of all the other windows. Having pinned it, you can open any image in your favorite image viewer and when the image is visible, you can use the eye-dropper tool to pick the color of any part of the image. The hex color code will be shown in the Hex Color Finder window. You can press Enter key to copy this color code to the clipboard.

And if you want to find the common color codes (if you are a graphics designer, chances are that you have already memorized them), then you can select Color → Common to see a list of some of the very common colors and copy their color code to the clipboard.

Hex Color Finder

Hex Color Finder is a small color picker tool for Windows. It is no match for the color picker tool that comes with Adobe products, but it can be useful for casual everyday use.

You can download Hex Color Finder from http://www.hexcolorfinder.com/.