How to Set Sleep Timer for TuneIn Radio App in Android

One of the things that I do when traveling abroad is listen to online radio at night time. Not only you stay informed about what is happening in your own country, but you also get entertained and never feel lonely. My favorite Android app for listening to online radio stations is TuneIn which is also one of the Editor’s Choice apps in the Google Play store. If you cannot find a radio station on TuneIn, then you cannot find it anywhere.

Like me if you also fall asleep listening to the radio, then you may want to use an interesting feature of TuneIn app – to automatically switch it off after a certain time. Yes, you can set a sleep timer for the TuneIn app just like you would do for Netflix or for your TV. This ensures that TuneIn can shut down and let you sleep in peace.

So here is a simple way to set the sleep timer in the TuneIn online radio app for Android:

  1. Launch TuneIn in your smartphone and select a radio station to listen to.
  2. When it starts to play that radio station, tap on the menu icon and select Set sleep timer.TuneIn Radio Sleep Timer
  3. Now it will display a number of different options for the time duration that you can select from – 15 minutes to 120 minutes.
  4. The timer will be shown in the notification area so that you can quickly access it to stop or modify the timer.TuneIn Radio Sleep Timer

TuneIn app for Android features all kinds of genre for easy listening. It even has a car mode which makes it easy for the car drivers as they focus on the road traffic. The car mode shows very large texts and buttons which do not require too much attention when driving a car.

If you have not already done so, you can get TuneIn online radio app from


  1. Yup, here another user with sleep timer not working a lot of week ago.
    I reported to tunein support but the answer was of the developers working to workaround.

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