How Much Time Do You Spend on Different Websites? TimeYourWeb Tells You

In order to be productive at work or at home, you must know how much time you are spending on different activities. Sometimes we spend hours and hours of our day on Twitch or Youtube without realizing and then we complain that we just don’t have enough time to finish the work that we have been postponing for days. Only if someone can tell us that we have spend entire day watching funny videos on Youtube. If you are not living with parents or friends, then you can depend on a browser extension called TimeYourWeb to do this job.

TimeYourWeb is a Chrome browser extension that can tell you how much time you have spent on various websites. As you visit a website in Chrome, it starts its counter to keep track of the total time spent on that website. When you leave that website and move on to another, it stops the counter for the previous website and starts a new counter for the new website and so on. You can see the time counter ticking on the toolbar icon of TimeYourWeb.


If you click on this toolbar icon, it will show you a chart of how you have been spending time on various websites that you have visited since the installation of this extension. All the domains are shown in this chart along with the time spend, the time for which you were interacting with the site, and time spent on these sites. It will display a percentage of the time in addition to the time displayed in minutes, hours and days. You can view the chart for daily, weekly or monthly statistics.

It is a great way to know how much time you are spending on which websites. With this data, you will be able to manage your time in a better way and perhaps will be use your time for more creative and productive purposes.

You can get TimeYourWeb extension for Chrome from