Ultra Booster : Improve PC Performance in One Click

If you want to run your computer at its peak performance without having to invest in upgrading your system hardware, then you can use Ultra Booster. It is a performance booster program for Windows that can be used for a number of reasons. It can be used to boost system performance when playing games, when you want to run a graphics editing application, when you are editing a video or for other activities.

Ultra Booster comes with three boost modes – basic boost, work boost and game boost. You can click on the dedicated buttons to use these boost modes. Basic boost mode does not perform as many optimizations as the work boost mode. And the game boost mode can optimize your PC for the best performance by killing the applications and background services.

Ultra Booster

As soon as you click on these boost modes, it will start the process of closing the background applications, shutting down services and freeing up system resources. After the process, it will display the boost mode and an option to boost again. If you want to restore your system back to the original state, you can click on the “Restore” option.

Ultra Booster

Other than these options to boost the performance of the computer, Ultra Booster also has some other features. For example, you can click on “PC Details” to view some information about your computer, you can click on “Task Killer” to view and terminate various processes being run in your system, and finally you can use “Services” feature to view a list of all the services running in Windows.

Ultra Booster uses HTA (HTML applications) to display the user interface which requires a particular version of Internet Explorer to be installed in your PC. It will also fail if your antivirus is blocking unwanted suspicious scripts in HTA files. On our test system running Windows 10 x64, it failed to run and we could run it only on older Windows 7 x86 machines.

You can download Ultra Booster from http://ayansoftware.orgfree.com/Ultra%20Booster.php.