Touchshot – Tap on the Screen to Take Screenshots in Android

Perhaps you already know that in order to take screenshots of the entire screen in your Android smartphone, you have to press the volume-down and the power key simultaneously. This is the standard key combination for taking Android screenshots. Some manufacturers may have changed it to something else, but all the mainstream smartphone manufacturers use this key combination.

If you find it difficult to press two keys at the same time and want an easier way to capture the screen, then you can try Touchshot – an app for Android that helps you take the screenshots just by touching the screen (hence the app’s name is touchshot).

Touchshot for Android

After you have installed Touchshot in your smartphone, you can choose what you want to do from a long list of options such as screen capture, screen record, image edit etc. For the screen capture, it places a transparent toolbar on your Android screen. You can drag it around on your screen and place it in a convenient position. When you can touch on the screenshot icon in this toolbar, it will capture your screen and save it.

Another powerful feature of Touchshot is that it allows editing of the screen captures from inside Android which eliminates the need to use desktop software like later. In the image editor, you can crop the image, use a brush to draw on the image, place small emoticons, add text anywhere on the image, and share the image using email or social networks. It saves the screenshots in the PNG file format.Touchshot for Android

If your phone does not capture screen when pressing hard keys combination then you can use this app for conveniently taking screenshots with a simple touch of the screen. It won’t work if you are running some apps that prohibit screen capture.

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