Abelssoft Screenphoto : Capture Screenshots and Share on Social Media

If you want to capture the screen of any Windows PC, then you can use the PrintScreen key on your keyboard. This snags the screen and copies the image to the clipboard so that you can use it in any image editor of your choice. But this feature is very limited and if you want some extra features and much more convenient way to capture any part of your screen, then you can use third party tools such as Abelssoft Screenphoto. This program makes it very easy for you to capture, edit, annotate and share your screen over social media.

When you launch Abelssoft Screenphoto for the very first time, it displays a small window which details all the different ways in which you can capture the screenshot – by clicking on the tray icon, by clicking on the small camera icon on any window, and by pressing the PrintScreen key on your keyboard. After you click on the small Start button, it will place an icon in the system tray.

Abelssoft Screenphoto

You can right-click on the system tray icon to see various options such as capture current window, capture all displays, capture specific display, capture customized area, capture freehand area, etc. If you just left-click on the system tray icon for Abelssoft Screenphoto, then it will capture the entire screen for the currently active display. You can also open the settings for Screenphoto from the right-click menu.

Abelssoft Screenphoto

After a screenshot is taken, it will open it in an in-built image editor. This editor allows some basic editing and comes with tools such as cropping, blurring, arrows, shapes, lines, text and more. Near the bottom of this editor are the options to share the screenshot over Facebook or Twitter. You can also save it to your local hard drive, print it off your attached printer or copy it to the clipboard.

Abelssoft Screenphoto

Verdict: Abelssoft Screenphoto allows taking screenshots of your Windows PC screen very easy. It comes with a built-in image editor and allows sharing the screenshots over Facebook and Twitter. It supports multi-display configurations and allows you to choose which displays to be used for screen capture.

You can download Abelssoft Screenphoto from https://www.abelssoft.de/en/windows/Multimedia/Screenphoto.