How to Change Themes in KaKaoTalk Messenger App

On my vacation trip to Seoul, South Korea, I realized that nobody in South Korea uses the apps that are very popular in the US. For example, while Facebook Messenger and Snapchat are very popular in the US, In South Korea they have been using KaKaoTalk. Anybody new you meet gives out their KaKaoTalk ID or two people scan each others KaKaoTalk QR code. It felt like a new strange world at first, but soon I realized why KaKaoTalk is so popular – because it is brilliantly designed.

KaKaoTalk is a smartphone app that offers free voice calls, free video calls and also acts like a regular instant messenger application. It is number one messenger app in South Korea where 93% of the smartphone users use this app primarily. Other countries in the South-East Asia also use this app. If you are one of the KaKaoTalk users and want to change the theme, then you can change it in the following manner:

  1. Launch KaKaoTalk instant messenger and tap on the settings icon near the bottom edge.
  2. From the setting screen, tap on Themes to view a list of all the available downloadable themes.KaKaoTalk
  3. It will display a long list of themes, you can tap on any of these to select one.
  4. It will take you to the Play store or App Store from when you have to install the theme.
  5. Once the theme is installed, you can launch it from the app drawer and then tap on the Apply Now button.KaKaoTalk
  6. Now you should have new theme applied and now you can enjoy chatting or making calls if KaKaoTalk.

These themes not only make your KaKaoTalk messenger look pretty, they also provide some additional emojis. But just like the themes, you have to download and install these emoji packs from Google Play store or if you are using iPhone then from the Apple App Store.

If you have not yet experienced KaKaoTalk then you can visit their website at