AutoClose : Close Any Program After a Specific Duration of Time

In any Windows PC, there are dozens of processes running at any given time. Some of these are system processes and should not be closed. But there are others that are launched by the user and forgotten in a days work. These applications keep running in the background and keep claiming your system resources. Such processes can be manually closed down through Task Manager or you can use a program like AutoClose to automatically terminate them at a specific time or after a specified interval of time.

AutoClose is available as an installer or as a portable program. Even though it has been designed using Visual Basic 6.0, it works in the latest version of Windows 10. When launched for the very first time, it displays all the instructions of how to use it properly to automatically close a program.


Basically, you have to click on the Add button and it will show a big list of all the running programs in your Windows PC. You can select any of these programs, specify the time interval after which the program is to be shut down or choose the exact date and time at which the selected program is to be terminated, and click on the Add button. Now everything is set to work – when the time internal is reached or when that specific point in time arrives, the selected program is terminated


Obviously from the interface, you can delete any of the previous added programs. You can also remove them all if you do not want them being auto-closed. It is able to auto-close multiple programs at the same time (if you have set a specific time for all of the programs). It can be used for terminating programs related to a particular work or project at a specific time. It can also be used to control your additction of playing games or spending time on social media.

You can download AutoClose from