Notenger : Messenger Style Notes Taking App

Back in the day, many people carried a small pocket sized notebook with a pencil in their pocket just to take notes or to write down some new ideas that come to you on the moment. But now everyone has a smartphone and use it effectively as a note taking device. There many note taking apps with many features such as Evernote, Nevernote, Notion or Google Keep. But if you want a simpler approach to note taking, then you can try Notenger. It offers a unique messenger style note taking ability – all the notes are shown like messages on your screen as if you are sending them as messages to yourself.

For taking a new note, you can tap on the small new note icon near the bottom and type in the note message. It will show like a new message that you have received. If you want to start a new “conversation” then select top level space before creating a new note. If you want a note that appears like a reply to some other note, then you have to first select a previous note and then tap on “create new note” icon.


If you tap on a note then it will display many different options such as timer for reminder, copy it to the clipboard, archive it or to edit it. If you want to set a note as a reminder, then you can set the timer for it and choose the time and day on which it will appear as notification in your smartphone. This is a great way to keep yourself notified of important events or days such as your wedding anniversary or the final exams.


Notenger is a very interesting app for anyone who wants simplicity combined with a messenger like interface. There are no advanced features like categories, synchronizing , adding links or adding media.  But you get the familiarity of a messenger app.

You can get Notenger app for Android from