Easy Cleaning for the Layman : CCleaner Easy Clean

Not everyone is a technical genius but almost everyone owns a laptop these days from high-school kids to retired grandpa. Earlier if you wanted to clean the accumulating junk files from your PC, you had to be an advanced user who could understand various technical terms like browser cache and Windows prefetch data. But now CCleaner has come up with Easy Clean mode that can help even the beginners quick clean their Windows systems in only two steps.

Easy Clean is available in the toolbar (on the left side) in the CCleaner interface. If you have been using an older version of CCleaner, then you may see a notification regarding this new Easy Clean in the Windows notification area. You have to update to version 5.57 of CCleaner in order to use this new feature.

CCleaner Easy Clean

EasyClean is designed to have a step-by-step wizard like interface which makes it easy for everyone. If you select EasyClean from the toolbar, then it will show you a single option for analyzing your PC. There are no other options to confuse you.

CCleaner Easy Clean

After the analysis has been completed, the results are also displayed in a very easy to understand manner. You are shown how many trackers are found and how many bytes of junk files have been discovered on your PC. Of course, you can review the individual junk files but not really necessary. Now you can simply click on Clean All and you now have a cleaner computer.

CCleaner Easy Clean

For the people who have grown accustomed to the older and detailed interface, it is still available in CCleaner. Easy Clean is designed for non-technical users, who do not understand the various confusing terms and just want to get rid of the junk quickly. Easy Clean uses everyday simple language so that beginners do not get scared and provides a new easy-to-follow intuitive interface for everyone.

You can download latest version of CCleaner from https://www.ccleaner.com/.