Loom : Screen and Webcam Recording Software for Windows

Loom is a screen recording software that not only captures the full screen of your computer, but can also record your webcam or your microphone. Loom can also mix all the inputs together to make interesting videos that can be used for tutorials, demos or instructions. The free version of Loom is available for personal or home use, but the paid version can be used commercially and has more features.

For using Loom, you must create a Loom account and install the Loom software on your computer. The software cannot be used without signing in to your Loom account. After you have signed in to your Loom account, you are shown the Loom interface from where you can decide whether you want to record the webcam & mic, only screen or all of the screen, webcam & mic.

Loom Screen WebCam Mic Recorder

There is a Loom side bar on your computer’s screen near the left edge using which you can control the screen recording. It allows you to start, stop or pause the recording. You can also use hotkeys to start, stop, pause, resume or cancel the recording. You must be online in order to record you screen, because recordings are saved directly to the cloud storage linked to your Loom account. When you stop the recording, it will auto-open your Loom account in your default web browser from where you can watch, edit or share the videos with others.

Loom Screen WebCam Mic Recorder

In the settings for the Loom, you can change the recording quaity from full HD to smallest resolution possible, display mouse click on the recording, display a countdown as you record the video, flip the camera, show control menu (near left edge of the screen) and record audio in mono (sometimes talking with one person sounds better in mono mode).

Loom Screen WebCam Mic Recorder

Verdict: Loom is great for making instructional videos or reaction videos, but it saves all the files on your Loom account storage. This is why it is no recommended if you are recording something of the private nature.

You can download Loom video recording software from https://www.loom.com/.