DS Clock : Digital Desktop Clock with Auto-Sync Feature

Windows comes with a small clock itself which is displayed in the notification area of the taskbar. But this clock is displayed using very small font size and if you are not near the computer, you cannot view the small font of this clock. If you want to be able to have a large clock in your Windows PC screen, then you have two options – either open a website that displays large clock (something like ClockTab) or use a third-party digital desktop clock like DS Clock.

DS Clock is a digital desktop clock that displays current date and time using custom font face, size and colors. The clock is floating window that you can drag around anywhere on your screen. If you right-click on this clock and choose options for sounds (it plays the classic Westminster chimes from the popular Big Ben clock of London), you can lock with clock position on the screen, you can start/stop stop-watch and synchronize the digital clock with the atomic time servers.

DS Clock

In the options window for DS Clock, you can change the look and feel of the clock, format of the date and time displayed, font face, font color, background color, show border around the clock or make the background of the clock transparent. You can also choose sound options, choose Big Ben sounds, choose your own custom sounds or set the times when these sounds are played.

DS Clock

Apart from displaying the clock, it is also able to synchronize your clock from a list of Internet time servers (atomic time servers). For using the synchronization feature, you must first set the internet time servers. These settings are available in the options for DS Clock under the tab “Synchronization”. You can choose to adjust the time automatically every hour, every day or after a custom interval.

You can download DS Clock from https://www.dualitysoft.com/dsclock/index.html.