Monosnap : Capture Screenshots and Record Videos

If you want to take screenshots in Windows, then you can use the PrintSceeen key on your keyboard which snags the full-screen and copies it to the clipboard. But if you want much more convenient way of capturing your screen, then you have to start using one of third party tools such as Monosnap.

Monosnap is a free and feature loaded tool for capturing screenshots. In addition, it is also able to record the video from your screen or from your webcam. It has very advanced user interface and provides you with an image editor that can be used to annotate your screen captures. Unlike some other bloated software, it offers very easy-to-use and lightweight interface through the use of a floating drop-zone window.

After the installation it places a drop-zone window near the bottom-right corner of your screen. You can click or right-click on this drop-zone to access all the functions – capture area, capture full-screen, record video, webcam, open an image for editing, open image from clipboard for editing and more.


You can also access Monosnap settings, you can define hotkeys for capturing the screen or for recording the video of screen activity, choose what action should be taken after capture (default is opening in the in-built image editor), you can customize the menu for the drop-zone, add accounts for uploading to various cloud services or FTP servers.


Monosnap’s in-built image editor is fired up as soon as you have captured a screenshots to edit this screenshot. In addition, it also allows you to edit the image files located on your hard drive. The editor contains all the basic drawing tools such as pen, lines, arrows, arrows with text, just text, rectangles, ellipses, cropping tool, blur tool, etc.


Conclusion: Monosnap is a great screen capture utility. It helps you capture screenshots, record videos, annotate the pictures and upload them to the cloud services. It works for macOS and Windows and even has an extension for the Google Chrome web browser.

You can download Monosnap from