How to Auto-Enable Twitter’s Dark Mode at Sunset

Dark modes and dark themes are everywhere in all the popular apps, operating systems, web browsers and websites. This popularity of the dark modes is because they are very useful as they not only reduce the strain on our eyes in dark surroundings but they also lower the battery usage at night time.

If you have not noticed, Twitter already offers a dark mode that you can quickly turn on anytime you want. In order to turn on this dark mode, you have to launch the Twitter app in Android or iPhone, tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) and then tap on the small lamp icon. This method can be used to manually enable or disable the dark mode in the Twitter app.

Auto-Enable Dark Mode in Twitter

But Twitter also offers automatic enabling of the dark mode in the app whenever the Sun sets in your geographic location. Here is how you can make Twitter auto-enable dark mode:

  1. Launch Twitter app and tap on the menu icon.
  2. From the menu that is displayed, select Settings and privacy.
  3. From the settings screen, select Display and sound from under the General category.Auto-Enable Dark Mode in Twitter
  4. From under the Display category, tap on Dark mode and select Automatic at sunset.

Now whenever the Sun goes down in your area, Twitter will automatically switch to the dark mode. Twitter uses information fetched from the weather sites to determine the sunset time for your location and is always very precise. When the sun comes up next morning, Twitter will auto-switch to the light mode of the Twitter app.

Even when you have enables automatic dark mode for the Twitter, you will still be able to manually enable or disable the dark mode using the first method described above. This method also works in the desktop web browser version of Twitter.