How to Enable Dark Mode in Younow Web App

YouNow is a live streaming service that is popular among the youngsters. Even though lately is it plagued with trolls, religion pushers and spammers who make life hell for everyone, it is still fun to sometimes join the broadcast of someone you know. Like with all the other apps, operating systems and browsers, YouNow has also added the feature of dark mode or dark theme. The benefit of dark mode is that it reduces unnecessary stress on your eyes when you are using YouNow web app late at night in the dark.

Here is how you can quickly enable or disable dark mode for the YouNow  web app (when using Younow in Chrome browser on your laptop or desktop PC):

  1. Visit YouNow and login with your social networking accounts. YouNow supports Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  2. When you are signed in, click on the user profile picture near the top-right corner.Enable Dark Mode for YouNow
  3. From the menu that appear, select Dark Mode. This will enable the dark mode for your YouNow account. Clicking on the it again will disable the dark mode.Enable Dark Mode for YouNow

Recently, Google added a new dark theme in the latest version of the Chrome browser. This dark theme is auto-enabled when Chrome detects that Windows’s app settings also have dark theme enabled. Unfortunately, such detection is not available with YouNow web app. Even if you have enabled dark theme in Chrome browser, YouNow will be displayed in the light mode by default. You will have to manually enable dark theme for YouNow.

However if you want to add third-party themes or modes to YouNow website, then you can install the Styles add-on in Firefox or Chrome web browser. Styles offers many unofficial themes for YouNow such as dark themes (many different variations), cotton candy theme and more. You can even create your own theme for YouNow using Styles.

You can visit Styles website for all the themes and extensions at